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Mirus Review - Director, iHubbub

Jan 21, 2013

Mirus Ergonomic Office Chair Review by Ken Sheridan, Director, iHubbub

The Mirus chair from Mesh Office Seating is a serious piece of office equipment that is a big step up on the functionality of more standard office seats. The major benefit of the Mirus chair’s many, many features is its ability to adapt to your favourite position so that you remain comfortable throughout the day.

It can be adjusted in just about every plain and direction – the arm rests, the head rest and of course the chair’s main body, height and tilt. It even has a fully adjustable headrest so no risk of whiplash effect here!

Using the forward-back adjustment mechanism on the chair’s back I was able to mould the chair into a position that offered me maximum lower back support, hence its comfort over 9-10 consecutive hours use, and found it equally as effective as the many ergonomic chairs that I’ve used in the past. The Mirus chair can therefore be relied upon to give your body perfect support.

The chair is of very sturdy build (clearly built to last and might even be the last office chair you need to buy) and offers a nicely firm seat; again this suits my preference for the less spongy variety given the number of hours I regularly spend in the chair during my normal working day. My job keeps me in an office chair for many long hours each day and for most of the week, hence I now believe that a comfortable chair is an absolutely vital piece of equipment. If you too spend long hours in your office chair, you should seriously consider the Mirus chair.

The overall comfort factor was confirmed by a second member of staff who used the chair for a full day before being asked, much to his disappointment, to revert to his usual piece of office seating equipment.

If it’s important, it looks great too. Very modern and stylised, almost Italian-like in its finishing. It even has a ‘slim waste’, an effect I’ve never come across before. Its mesh back gives it a great sense of style and elegance and a small range of chair colour is also available (call me conventional but the black version looks fabulous).

Certainly for home office use, where a large number of identical chairs, and therefore cost, is not the key discriminator – I’d suggest comfort for frequent home office use is a more important factor – then the Mirus chair ticks all the right boxes.

It is not very often that I’d get my rocks off over an office chair but this is one piece of office furniture (the description doesn’t do it justice; throne would be more suitable) that I have quickly come to depend and be attached to, both literally and figuratively.

Whether it’s comfort, functionality or style that you seek, you can achieve all of these in one go with the futuristic Mirus chair.