Mesh Background


Mesh Office Seating is 100% focused on providing a quality product and excellent customer service, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of fun while doing it. We don’t enforce a regimented working structure, insist on pinstripe suits and ties, or pre-scheduled boardroom meetings…  instead, the team dress comfortably and our relaxed Friday meetings are spent on comfy sofas with an unlimited supply of coffee on tap, of course. As a result, the Mesh team are the most committed, productive and friendly crew around who actually look forward to their working days – and it shows when our customers visit.

Gareth – Founder & Owner

Founder of the company, Gareth spends much of his time travelling and has built a great relationship with our product designer and manufacturer. He tends to work best on his own (or so the rest of the Mesh team like to encourage given his boundless energy can be a tad disruptive). With his entrepreneurial spirit and addictive enthusiasm, Gareth’s vision and keen eye has made Mesh Office Seating a market leading, innovative and world-class company.

Alisdair – Managing Director

A steadfast member of our company,  Alisdair likes to get the bottom of things and can often be found dismantling the latest office chair mechanism, just to see how it works. Alisdair can be a little bit eccentric at times… he’s a very fussy eater, who prefers fish fingers and cake of any flavour, to a proper meal. In November 2012, Alisdair took over the role of Managing Director.

Graeme – Sales Director

Our newest member, Graeme, was slightly concerned about being the oldest in the Mesh Team. We prefer to think of him as our fine matured wine. He has a wealth of furniture experience behind him having worked for RH Chairs, Steelcase, Herman Miller and Knoll. His passion for furniture even enters his hobby time as he enjoys restoring antique furniture. He also enjoys cooking and spending time with his family.

Joyce – Operations Manager

Joyce has proved to be a godsend thanks to her impressive organisational skills and ability to get speedy results from Alisdair, Carol and our M.D. Gareth. She pushes forward with the administration (ISO 9001 & ISO 14001) and gets results with both the company and customers alike.

Ruth – Finance Director

A force to be reckoned with, Ruth enjoy’s nothing better than rounding up the cash at the beginning of every month … if you’ve had the pleasure of speaking to her, it can only mean you’re late with your cheque! Shrewd and prudent, Ruth is the main hurdle between the current premises and Gareth’s spectacular expansion plans.

Carol – Logistics & Distribution Manager

Carol is responsible for logistics and distribution of the goods.  As the Logistics and Distribution Manager, she is quietly efficient and no-one noticed any disruption to service when Carol took up the reigns – she took to the job like a duck to water even though she had to cope with a new warehouse facility much larger than the previous one in Darvel.

Michael – Warehouse Manager

Michael is the Warehouse Manager where he is responsible for receiving and despatching the goods and general organisation of the warehouse.  He was also very heavily involved in the organisation and move into the new warehouse and knows exactly where everything is. He’s had a pretty training-intensive few months, what with giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and putting out fires (nothing to worry about – he’s just completed First Aid training and Fire Warden training courses!)  Which might have come in handy during his visit to T in the Park….

Frank – Technical Support Engineer

Frank deals with all things technical. His technical knowledge of our product range is second to none. You may meet Frank if you need a replacement part fitted to your ergonomic office chair, but more likely you won’t meet him at all, which is great news! Not easy to locate, and never in the same place twice, he is often found touring the country looking after our customers needs.